The Team

Who We Are

We are a student led project team that designs and builds pedestrian footbridges for rurally isolated communities. Our team of 33 passionate students works together to build a safe and innovative bridge for the betterment of isolated communities.

The Leads!

Meet The Leads!

Get to know Newt Powers, our PM! <br><br> Meet Newt, a sophmore on the engineering subteam. 
              Always quick to blurt out Dragon! while answering the 'what's your favorite animal?' ice breaker 
              question, Newt enjoys everyday adventures like making music at 2 am and finding the best chairs on 
              campus to nap on.

Newt Powers

Project Manager

Lily Kuang

Admin Lead

This is Abigail Perree. <br><br> She's our Construction Lead this year.
            Meet Abigail, a junior and second year on the engineering subteam! An avid 
            snowboarder from South Florida, she loves challenginging the impossible head on. 
            She is a grandma at heart, and can usually be found sewing her own clothes while 
            binge watching historical dramas on repeat.

Abigail Perree

Construction Lead

Meet Juliette DeSpirito! <br><br> She's the Design Lead this year!
              I joined EIA because I am passionate about using my engineering skills to help others, 
              and a fun fact is that my dream job is to build roller coasters for Disney World.

Juliette DeSpiriton

Design Lead

Say hi to Krasimira Kamenova! <br><br> I joined EIA because I wanted to combine an 
            interest in global development with my aspirations in engineering. Outside of EIA, 
            I love music and acting, and I’m in the Cog Dog theatre troupe at Cornell.

Krasimira Kamenova

Cultural Lead

Say hi to Serena Utech! <br><br> She is the Business Lead! 
            Meet Serena, a junior on the business team! She loves skiing, exploring 
            nature around Ithaca, and finding new coffee shops.

Serena Utech

Business Lead

Engineering Team

The engineering subteam is responsible for designing the bridge implemented during the summer.
This includes, selecting and surveying the site, determining the strongest materials needed
and performing structural analysis!

Meet Grace Lo! <br><br> 
                I joined EIA because I wanted to apply engineering skills to work on projects 
                that serve global communities. I've enjoyed learning and taking part in designing 
                bridges that come to fruition each summer.

Grace Lo

Engineering Subteam Member

Meet Jason Ong! <br><br> 
              Hi I'm Jason and I have currently taken 4 concrete casts from Bovay Lab for a total of 7 pieces of 
              concrete in my room. Hopefully more random stuff from the lab to bring home coming soon! 
              (I also have a couple steel bars from the lab).

Jason Ong

Engineering Subteam Member

Meet Teddy George! <br><br> 
                Meet Teddy! He is a sophmore civil engineer on the engineering subteam and the construction manager 
                on the travel team. His favorite thing to do is eat, and thus his favorite establishment in Ithaca is 
                Chipoltle. In addition he plays piano for a cornel jazz band.

Teddy George

Engineering Subteam Member

Meet Jackson Carlberg! <br><br>  
                Meet Jackson! I am a sophomore from Sanbornville, NH. I joined EIA as a 
                freshman because I was not sure what I wanted to study yet, and this was 
                one way that I found to explore as many subjects as possible. While I am not 
                a civil engineering major, I still found myself drawn to EIA because I love 
                using what I learn in a real world application where I can see a difference being made.

Jackson Carlberg

Engineering Subteam Member

Introducing Avery Colburn!<br><br> Hi friends meet Avery! Avery has been with the 
                engineering subteam since her freshman fall and loves using her engineering skills to help 
                others! If you want to catch her on campus, look in Upson (far superior to the more popular 
                Duffield) or in PSB where you will probably see her working or eating her favorite sadnwhich, a PB&J!

Avery Colburn

Engineering Subteam Member

Introducing Fair Shen!<br><br> Meet Fair Shen. She plays Chinese flute and ukulele. 
                Her ideal day will be laying in the bed for the whole day while watching movies and playing 
                games. She is from southern China and she enjoys the rainny and cool weather.

Fair Shen

Engineering Subteam Member

Introducing Daisy Li!<br><br> Hi, my name is Daisy and I am a freshman 
                in the Engineering subteam. I joined EIA because I think being able to build 
                something to help people is a cool thing to do! I am a music lover and I play 
                Chinese zither.

Daisy Li

Engineering Subteam Member

Introducing Ray Chang!<br><br> Ray is a freshman who loves to play badminton on 
                his free time. In addition, he also plays the dizi, or the bamboo flute, for the 
                Cornell Eastern Music Ensemble.

Ray Chang

Engineering Subteam Member

Introducing Amy Lyman!<br><br> I decided to join to EIA because 
                I wanted to be a part of a team that not only exercised all the technical 
                engineering skills I would be gathering in my years at Cornell, but also because 
                I wanted to see that project come to fruition in a real world setting. I wanted to 
                be able to make an impact in real people's lives and immerse myself in a new culture, 
                learning not just about engineering, but the world itself.

Amy Lyman

Engineering Subteam Member

Meet Ella, a freshman on the engineering subteam. She loves the outdoors 
                but is ironically from NYC, and also enjoys knitting, bullet journalling, and 
                going on long walks with friends that usually end at a place with lots of food. 
                Ella also has a twin brother, and plays the saxophone.

Ella Yellin

Engineering Subteam Member

Meet Isabella! I joined EIA to learn more about bridge design 
                and be able to help those in need! A fun fact is I have two cats and 
                two dogs named Millie, Milo, Molly, and Bruno!

Isabella Kossoy

Engineering Subteam Member

Business Team

The business subteam is responsible for the promotion of the organization as well as maintaining relationships with our sponsors.
This subteam is the backbone of the organization because they raise the money needed in order to build.

Meet Christine Yang! <br><br>

Christine Yang

Business Subteam Member

Meet Keri Yamaguchi! <br><br>
              Meet Keri, a sophomore and a member of the Business Subteam. On her free time, 
              Keri enjoys creating art and exploring new places and activities. Her favorite 
              season is winter, as she loves the snow.

Keri Yamaguchi

Business Subteam Member

Say hey to Meilee Kry! <br><br>
                Meet Meilee, a sophomore on the business team! She's a horizontal jumper on the Cornell 
                Track Team. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends, hiking, and enjoying 
                the outdoors.

Meilee Kry

Business Subteam Member

Meet May Li! <br><br>
              Meet Keri, a first year student and a member of the Business Subteam. She is an 
              avid foodie and loves to sleep. On her free time, Keri enjoys creating art and exploring 
              new places and activities. Her favorite season is winter, as she loves the snow.

May Li

Business Subteam Member

Meet HanaM! <br><br>
              Meet Hana! Hana is a freshman on the engineering sub team. She loves to 
              hike, discovering new restaurants, and enjoy baking bread.

Hana M

Business Subteam Member

Cultural Team

The cultural subteam is responsible for developing lessons for the entire team to better understand the culture of the country that we will be building at the following summer. They hold biweekly workshops and expose the team to the country's language and cultural activities!

Meet Catherine Cheng! My birth date is the same day that Mt Vesuvius erupted 
              and destroyed Pompeii in 79AD!<br><br>

Catherine Cheng

Cultural Subteam Member

Meet Julia Arnold! <br><br>
              Meet Julia! I love learning languages and have a passion for helping others! 
              In my free time, I love spending time in nature or watching movies with my friends.

Julia Arnold

Cultural Subteam Member

Meet Jennifer Ahn! <br><br>
              Meet Jennifer! I love dogs, trying new restaurants, and binging tv shows.

Jennifer Ahn

Cultural Subteam Member